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Caini si canise pe Kennel Romania
Canise si cainii de rasa prezentate pe Kennelro
Comunitatea crescatorilor de caini de rasa

Canisa De brailita din braila / braila / Romania

prezentarea canisei De brailita si a cainilor crescuti de aceasta


Descriere canisa:
My name is Vali Dogaru, I own the “deBrailita” kennel from Braila on the left bank of the Danube in the South East of Romania. We breed and select kavkazkaya ovcharka dogs with lot of passion and we believe with responsibility and professionalism. Since the childhood I loved the nature, animals and especially dogs. Going often to the dog shows I once meet the kavkazkaya. It was love at first sight and now I believe it was also destiny. He struck me with his great demeanor, rustic appearance and his “wild” character. Latter on I found out many interesting things about this unique breed, I study, analised and traveled much to inform myself and to discover his qualities. For some a wild animal impossibly to tame and close it become for us an excellent companion, friend for life and unbeatable guardian


Date de contact:


Proprietar canisa: Dogaru Valentin
Adresa: brailita, braila, braila, Romania
total caini: 0
total rase: 0
total poze: 5
Nume: stefan
aveti dreptate,nici eu nu-s de acord cu cainii ingrasati si tinuti ca si niste papusi.Ei tr. sa corespunde muncii pt care au fost creati.Parerea mea
Nume: stefan
d-le Dogaru aveti caini f frumosi ,eu l-am avut pe Shaitan de valeni ,l-am vandut la baiatul care l-a prezentat si la Ploiesti.Arbitrul i-a dat fb,
Nume: ardeleanu anca
exemplarele sunt superbe.Personal am fost la canisa.Detin si un exemplar respectiv o femela.
Nume: Cristina
Felicitari! Cateii sunt foarte frumosi si fotogenici, merita toate voturile din lume.


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